By Phoebe Thomson I don’t show anyone my private diary, but someone is cataloguing each search enquiry, watching all that I watch, reading all that I type, that third pair of eyes in the screen as we skype, my location on maps, and the steps stepped each day, every trip where I use my bank … Continue reading GCHQ, CIA, FBI poem



By Sam Purnell Cascading across the glass These high-speed passengers. As they run, they leave a trail of themselves, Forging a path that those who come after may follow. Fleeting elements of the world beyond the windowpane. They’re nature’s sperm, Mirroring the most important race as they sprint across the glass. No, they’re sheep, They … Continue reading Journeying

Daily Battle

By Julia Chobanyan A chaotic assembly of green leaves colour the air with the inimitable scent of morning. Stones so smooth that their marrow pale shells disguise years of hard toil. The gentle stream once endured against the rough surface of stubborn rocks. The trees, waltzing with the wind, sway almost sentient and omniscient. If … Continue reading Daily Battle

Poem: Life/Death/Life

by Izzy Mathie theres a kind of symmetry in this the webs we make now and the cracks we had then same room, same walls and bricks new air and gentler footsteps baby steps making up lost time   flowers and cards and opening curtains sunlight bursts in

Poem: A Love

A Love allow thy folded lip lament; long loves? your pale lips relent and love! this lovers dark descent allayed by thee, and thine lament last longer still, until always: all our ascent in the yellow-woulds long lane, our life a folded lips lament unfurled, to flower longer I relent. By anonymous