Dear world,

my change will kiss your pain, promise.

Demons? My boy,

If even – listen – another one held you and I down,

broke you,

fight to live.

I saw you when you nurtured wars –

and you made it.

Fear not.

Do demons have you controlled?

Is one no less as yourself?

Believe, you hear?

To hurt” – it meant that whatever you face

you should defeat your exhibit:

to remember pain of experiences”.

From ashes,


Can’t you see yourself as beautiful,

as people saw you?

Before anything, think:

could I?

– then win, always.

Could you?

You could always win then.

I could think anything

before you saw people as beautiful as yourself

“See? You can’t ignite ashes.

From experiences of pain,

remember to exhibit your defeat,

should you face you.”

(whatever that meant)

It hurt to hear

you believe yourself as less.

No one is controlled.

You have monsters?

Do not fear.

It made you, and

wars nurtured you.

When you saw

“I live to fight,”

you broke down.

I, and you, held one another.


even if, boy, my demons promise pain

your kiss will change my world, dear.



Read from “beginning to end” or “end to beginning” and notice the symmetry. 


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